Discover the BENEFITS of the BRNO FAIR CITY project
during the trade fairs
for exhibitors and visitors

Trade Fair City

BVV Trade Fairs Brno is one of the most prominent trade fairs organizers in Central and Eastern European countries. Every year, 40 trade fairs, which are visited by hundreds of thousands of people, take place at the Brno Exhibition Centre.


The fairs attracts representatives of the professional public and general public to Brno. Exhibitors introduce visitors to their new products and technologies and a rich sideline program will also be running. These fairs thus become a professional platform for meeting the most influential figures in Central European and global engineering, as well as a place to make new contacts.

Brno Fair City

The city of Brno and the company Trade Fairs Brno have come up with a project that recalls the time when the trade fairs reverberated throughout the city and Brno was full of hustle and activities for visitors, exhibitors and Brno citizens.

Pride and Tradition

BRNO FAIR CITY aims to inspire in Brno residents pride in the trade fair tradition, which for more than half a century has contributed to the city's prosperity and fame. The project should facilitate exhibitors' and visitors' access to all that Brno has to offer and get them out of their hotel rooms into life in the city center.


Where can I eat well? This is one of the most frequent questions that MSV visitors and exhibitors ask. BRNO FAIR CITY brings an overview of partner restaurants offering the most interesting of Brno's gastronomy and offering benefits for the participants in the fair.


Where to rest after a day spent at the fair? Wellness centres, massages and saunas. Thanks to the BRNO FAIR CITY project, you can find out where you can get yourself pampered and recharge your energy after a busy day at the fair. Choose from special deals or discounts valid solely for trade fair participants.


How to get from the Exhibition Centre to town? You can use deals offered by partner transportation companies. Whether you are traveling by taxi or by public transport, the BRNO FAIR CITY project will make it easier for you to travel around the city at cheaper prices. You can use a similar offer even if you travel to Brno from another city.


Where to have fun? Brno offers a number of opportunities to relax. During the MSV, beer samplings are staged for you in the unique locations or a special evening party. You can try the kološkopek (beer bike) or take a ride on the go karts. You can also take trips to Brno or to the South Moravia.

Who can make use of the benefits of the project?

The BRNO FAIR CITY project is meant for participants of the selected trade fairs held by Brno Trade Fairs.

Tickets and Registration

How to use individual benefits?

To enjoy the benefi ts, a special bracelet is needed to identify the participants in the fair. The bracelet can be easily obtained at the Info Point of BRNO FAIR CITY at the main entrance gate during the fair upon presentation of a valid exhibitor pass (exhibitors) or a valid ticket (visitors).

Mobile application

Download the BVV Trade Fairs app and have the Fair City Guide with all the benefits clearly on your mobile device.

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